College and Sports Physicals Provided by Experienced Physicians in Miami, FL

College and sports physicals are crucial for keeping both young adults and children on track for their best health. At UHealth Jackson Urgent Care, we welcome families from Miami, Florida, and other surrounding areas, offering comprehensive health assessments in convenient locations with little to no wait.

College admission physicals

Many colleges require students to undergo a physical exam before their first day on campus. This not only helps establish a healthy habit of scheduling an annual physical, but also can ensure that all of a student’s particular needs are addressed so that he or she can focus on his or her studies.

At UHealth Jackson Urgent Care, for instance, our physicians can provide prescription refills, make note of any minor issues that could potentially lead to more serious problems down the road, and help a student establish a plan for maintaining a healthy body weight, staying active, and avoiding tobacco products. Our college physicals are also a perfect time to catch up on immunizations, such as flu and tetanus.

Sports physicals

We also offer sports physicals, which focus on making sure that our patients can safely participate in physical activities such as football, soccer, cheerleading, and track. Staying active is incredibly important, but long-term training can put the body under a significant amount of stress. Our physicians can help patients make sure they’re doing what’s best for them (and making the right choices to ensure their best athletic performance).

Appointments are not needed for our sports and college physicals, or for any of our other comprehensive health assessments. Our Miami, FL, urgent care centers are open from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M., every single day – just stop by when it’s most convenient for you, and we’ll have you consulting with a physician as soon as possible.