Lab Tests Performed On Site at UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Country Walk

By performing a number of common lab tests on site, UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Country Walk is able to diagnose patients as quickly as possible. With digital X-ray and EKG technologies and a lab that can process many routine blood and urine tests, UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Country Walk provides our patients with prompt and accurate answers.

At UHealth Jackson Urgent Care, the majority of our patients are diagnosed right on the spot. We offer:

  • Comprehensive metabolic testing (CMP) assessments
  • Urinalysis (UA) and urine cultures
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Blood glucose and hemoglobin testing
  • Prothrombin time (PT/INR) assessments
  • RSV testing
  • Strep A throat cultures
  • Gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomonas lab tests

As part of our commitment to getting every diagnosis correct, every time, we have the results of our imaging scans and lab tests reviewed by a UHealth – the University of Miami radiologist or pathologist, as well as an on-site physician. This additional level of service speaks to our thorough approach and the unmatched quality of care that patients receive when they choose UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Country Walk.

Additionally, should a patient return to any of our urgent care locations in the future, their previous lab results and treatment plans can be easily accessed through our electronic medical records. This also means that if a patient requires medical attention from a nearby Jackson Hospital for an acute need, his or her emergency room physicians can reference the results of any lab tests performed at our urgent care centers to eliminate the possibility of unnecessary duplicate testing.

To learn more about our lab tests, imaging scans, and other diagnostic services, contact UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Country Walk today. If you’d rather stop by and consult with a medical professional at your earliest convenience, you may do so without an appointment.