UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Country Walk Offers Diagnostic Services for a Variety of Conditions

UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Country Walk provides comprehensive, onsite testing services to make each visit as convenient as possible for our patients. Our urgent care centers are outfitted with digital X-ray suites and rapid processing labs, allowing us to complete a variety of diagnostic services on the spot. As a result, each patient can be examined, diagnosed, and provided with an individualized treatment plan over the course of a single visit, without having to travel from clinic to clinic for additional testing.

The diagnostic services offered at UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Country Walk include:

Whenever a physician orders an imaging scan, EKG, or lab test for a patient, we use a two-step review process to ensure an accurate diagnosis. An onsite physician first reviews the result, then sends it to a UHealth radiologist or pathologist for an expert second opinion. From there, the test result is recorded in the patient’s electronic medical record, which can be easily retrieved during future visits within Jackson Health System.

If you need to undergo a diagnostic test for a non-life-threatening illness or injury and don’t want to experience the long wait or high cost associated with a trip to the emergency room, you can visit UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Country Walk whenever it’s most convenient for you. Appointments are never required at our urgent care centers for any services we provide.