Can You Still Get the Flu Shot at UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Cutler Bay? Yes, You Can! 

Influenza season is now upon us. Can you still get the flu shot? At UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Cutler Bay, the answer is yes. And, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. With us, you never need an appointment. Simply stop by at your convenience – our office is open seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. – and we’ll get you vaccinated and on your way to better health. 

Flu season generally runs from late October through early May, and the yearly influenza vaccine typically becomes available at UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Cutler Bay in August or September. For the best protection, it’s important to get vaccinated before flu season is in full swing. This will give your body enough time to respond to the vaccine and build up immunity to the most common viruses. 

But, if time has gotten away from you and you haven’t yet received your annual flu shot, don’t worry. Although it’s generally best to get vaccinated in early October, receiving the influenza vaccine later in the season can still be helpful. Even as late as January, there are still a few months left in the peak flu season, and the viruses can continue to circulate in lower concentrations throughout the entire year. As a result, it’s still a very good idea to protect yourself with a flu shot rather than go without. And, while this is a good strategy for most individuals, it is especially important for children and seniors, who tend to be more susceptible to contracting the flu and experiencing significant side effects. 

So, can you still get the flu shot in November, December, January, or later? Yes, you can! There’s no need to wait any longer; UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Cutler Bay is looking out for you and your family. Stop by our office and receive your annual influenza vaccination today.