Onsite X-rays at UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Cutler Bay    

Key diagnostic services like X-rays are performed onsite at UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Cutler Bay. A momentous collaboration between Jackson Health System and UHealth – the University of Miami Health System, our state-of-the-art immediate care centers provide a full spectrum of routine healthcare services to children and adults with non-life-threatening conditions. And, with extended hours and no required appointments, we make expert medical care more accessible than ever before.  

X-rays and clinical lab tests play important roles in helping physicians keep tabs on their patients’ health and identify potential medical problems. X-ray imaging, for example, allows physicians to view images of the inside of a body without having to make an incision. UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Cutler Bay is equipped with a digital X-ray machine that emits less radiation and produces faster processing turnaround than traditional X-ray imaging. Our team of board-certified UHealth physicians uses X-rays as necessary to quickly screen for issues like:  

  • Bone fractures  
  • Joint dislocations  
  • Swallowed foreign objects  
  • Abdominal conditions, such as bowel obstructions  
  • Lung diseases, such as pneumonia   

X-rays and lab tests performed at UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Cutler Bay are evaluated by an onsite physician as well as a UHealth radiologist or pathologist, as appropriate, to ensure each of our patients receives an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan. Plus, our patients are able to more quickly begin treatment and return to good health since they aren’t forced to travel to separate diagnostic centers to have necessary X-rays taken.   

For X-rays and other basic diagnostic tests, don’t hassle with hefty emergency room bills or the inconveniences of a primary care center. Visit UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Cutler Bay, instead. Most major insurances are accepted, and all services are included on a single, easy to manage bill.  

In the event of a life-threatening medical emergency, please call 911.