Walk-in Physicals at UHealth Jackson Urgent Care in Doral, FL 

UHealth Jackson Urgent Care in Doral, Florida, is proud to offer a full spectrum of important health care services – including physicals – on a walk-in basis every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. If you or your child is due for a physical, consider stopping by. Our center is led by board-certified, UHealth – the University of Miami Health System physicians who provide comprehensive care in a modern and friendly setting. 

UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Doral offers several types of physicals, including: 

  • School physicals 
  • Sports physicals 
  • College physicals 
  • Concealed weapons permit physicals (Class G) 

While the specifics behind each of these physicals may vary, they’re all performed to help ensure patients are generally healthy and free of potential health concerns that would inhibit them from performing certain activities. 

At UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Doral, a physical typically involves a candid discussion about the patient’s personal and family medical history, an evaluation of current conditions and medications, and a physical exam. Our physicians may also suggest helpful lifestyle tips and to improve overall well-being. Patients who visit us for sports physicals have the option to receive an electrocardiogram test to screen for potentially dangerous heart abnormalities. In the event that a physical indicates a need for X-ray imaging or clinical lab work, we can swiftly provide these services on site. 

Contact UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Doral today to learn more about health care services and our approach to physicals. Our center is located in an easily accessible retail area with plenty of parking, so you can get back to your busy schedule as quickly as possible.