State-of-the-Art Emergency Care Facilities in North Miami, FL

In a medical emergency, there’s no substitute for the ER. However, the emergency care facilities operated by UHealth Jackson Urgent Care are a faster, most convenient alternative for people who need prompt care for a minor broken bone, allergic reaction, ear or eye infection, or other non-life-threatening condition. Our Keystone Point urgent care center is located in the heart of North Miami, Florida, and our experienced physicians are standing by to provide medical attention for non-emergent injuries and illnesses.

When you visit UHealth Jackson’s North Miami urgent care facilities instead of an emergency room, you’ll:

  • Save time – Our wait times are much shorter than ER wait times. In fact, most of our patients are diagnosed, treated, and on their way home within just 90 minutes.
  • Pay less for the same level of care – X-rays, lab tests, medications, and basic treatments usually cost more at an emergency room. Plus, UHealth Jackson Urgent Care includes everything in one easy-to-understand bill, while ER billing tends to be a complicated, drawn-out process.
  • Still be able to consult with an experienced physician – Every UHealth Jackson urgent care physician is board-certified in family medicine or emergency medicine. We also have a team of caring and compassionate mid-level providers who can treat a variety of conditions with a high level of skill, and many speak both Spanish and English.

If you are experiencing a heart attack, stroke, or other true emergency, call 911 or head to the nearest ER. In all other non-life-threatening situations, you can visit the UHealth Jackson Urgent Care North Miami, FL, emergency care facilities nearest you for prompt care.