Visit the UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Keystone Point Immediate Care Center for a Prompt Diagnosis and Treatment

Adults and children who are in need of an immediate care center can turn to UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Keystone Point for a prompt diagnosis and treatment. The result of a dynamic partnership between Jackson Health System and the University of Miami, UHealth Jackson urgent care centers provide quality care for a variety of non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses, and no appointments are ever necessary.

Why choose a UHealth Jackson immediate care center? Our patients benefit from:

  • Significantly shorter wait times than they would typically experience at an emergency room, where patients with comparatively minor issues such as sprained ankles and muscle sprains may have to wait for hours before seeing a physician
  • Lower prices for comparable treatment (our urgent care centers are equipped to provide a comprehensive variety of tests and services, including X-rays, electrocardiograms, urinalysis testing, hemoglobin testing, and strep A throat cultures)
  • Exceptional flexibility that comes with an ability to stop in on any day of the week in the morning, afternoon, or evening

Additionally, our patients are always able to consult with experienced, board-certified physicians when they stop by our urgent care centers, ensuring that they receive the most appropriate tests and treatments for their unique needs. We proudly treat our patients like family and ensure that they not only receive excellent medical care, but invaluable emotional support as well.

For prompt treatment when you need it the most, just stop by UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Keystone Point at your convenience. Our immediate care clinics are located in the center of the neighborhoods where you already live, work, and play, making it easier than ever to see a physician when it works best for your busy schedule.