UHealth Jackson Urgent Care Clinics Offer Sports Physicals to Residents of Keystone Point


UHealth Jackson Urgent Care Clinics, including our location in Keystone Point, can help athletes of all levels make sure they’re prepared for competition. Administered by our board-certified, UHealth – The University of Miami Health System physicians, our sports physicals take into consideration a variety of factors, from a patient’s height and weight to blood pressure and flexibility, to ensure total readiness for individual or team sports.

The sports physicals conducted at UHealth Jackson urgent care clinics evaluate an athlete’s:

  • Heart health and cardiovascular conditioning
  • Musculoskeletal development
  • Flexibility and range of motion
  • Height, weight, and BMI
  • Current activity levels and physical fitness routine
  • Other pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes or exercise-induced asthma, and whether these conditions are adequately being managed

Even for people who maintain healthy, active lifestyles, sports physicals can identify issues that would otherwise go unnoticed (and could potentially be detrimental to an individual’s overall health). For instance, a routine examination can help detect vision and hearing problems, as well as developmental issues that affect a patient’s muscles or bones. Additionally, heart screening for high school athletes can help detect cardiac abnormalities that require specialty care. Should a sports assessment reveal any such issues, our physicians can provide individualized medical advice to ensure the patient’s safe participation in physical activity.

Sports physicals at UHealth Jackson Urgent Care – Keystone Point are available on a walk-in basis. To get a sports examination for yourself or a dependent child, simply stop by the closest urgent care center and our friendly front desk staff will get you started. Florida G License physicals, as well as college entrance physicals, are also provided.