Lab Tests for Mono – Prompt Mononucleosis Testing in Miami, Florida, With No Appointment Necessary

Mononucleosis is a common condition – especially among adolescents – but lab tests are needed to confirm a diagnosis. At UHealth Jackson Urgent Care, we provide fast and accurate lab tests for mono at our Miami, Florida, immediate care clinics. Our tests can check for the presence of certain antibodies in the blood, helping us determine if a mononucleosis infection is the underlying cause of symptoms.

Fast and accurate lab tests without a long wait

UHealth Jackson Urgent Care is committed to helping our patients get the answers that they need to start feeling better, and that begins with comprehensive on-site diagnostics. We have mononucleosis testing capabilities at each of our locations, as well as other services such as chest X-rays and flu tests to help rule out other potential diagnoses. Our patients don’t have to drive from one location to the next (and waste time in the waiting room at each one) just to find out what’s causing their discomfort. And, we have each patient’s test results reviewed by an experienced pathologist to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Mononucleosis treatment

Although rest is the most common treatment for mononucleosis, our physicians can provide additional recommendations if a patient’s lab tests come back positive for mono. Acetaminophen, for instance, can help reduce mono-related fever, and antibiotics can help address any bacterial infections that are also present (although mono itself is a viral issue, which means that antibiotics aren’t necessary if it’s the only infection that a patient is dealing with).

Appointments are not necessary for our mononucleosis lab tests, or for any of our other comprehensive diagnostic tests. To discuss your medical concerns with one of our experienced physicians, you can head to the closest Miami, FL, UHealth Jackson urgent care center and we’ll have you seen right away.