UHealth Jackson Urgent Care Clinics in Miami-Dade County Offer Sports Physicals



There is no appointment necessary, but you must bring the Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form provided by your school, and a parent/guardian, not a coach, must accompany a minor child.

The UHealth Jackson Urgent Care clinics offer comprehensive sports physicals performed by board-certified, UHealth – the University of Miami Health System physicians. With multiple locations in Miami-Dade County, we stand ready to provide quick answers for athletes who need to know whether they are healthy and strong enough to safely participate in a particular sport or start a new season.

A sports physical usually includes a review of an athlete’s medical history and a physical examination designed to identify any factors that could potentially affect an athlete’s ability to play. When performing sports physicals, the physicians at UHealth Jackson Urgent Care clinics will typically:

  • Confirm that an athlete is in generally good health
  • Ensure that all immunizations are up to date, including tetanus
  • Assess an athlete’s fitness level
  • Look for a lack of preconditioning that could increase an athlete’s risk of injury
  • Identify any current and prior conditions, such as asthma, allergies, fractures, concussions, and heat stroke, which could predispose an athlete to injury
  • Evaluate any existing injuries
  • Take into account an athlete’s use of contact lenses or dental appliances
  • Consider the athlete’s mental and physical development relative to his or her sport
  • Discuss the use of dietary supplements, and warn against the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs
  • Perform an ECG screening, if a patient's cardiovascular health is a concern

Sports physicals are a requirement of many Florida schools and youth sports organizations. However, regardless of whether or not these exams are required, many experts recommend pre-participation evaluations for athletes of all levels and ages. While there is no hard and fast rule about the timing of sports physicals, the physicians at our urgent care clinics suggest six weeks prior to the start of a season. This schedule can provide an opportunity for an athlete to rehabilitate an existing injury or improve his or her conditioning prior to participation in the targeted activity. Proper conditioning is essential because it can help prevent future injuries.

At the UHealth Jackson Urgent Care clinics, we understand that athletes are anxious to get into the game and compete. That’s why we offer a convenient and affordable alternative to visiting a primary care doctor for a sports physical. Our urgent care clinics are located in shopping plazas and other retail areas throughout Miami-Dade County. There is plenty of parking available at each location, so you can count on getting in and out fast, without having to waste time searching for a parking space. Our goal is to provide high-quality care that is easily accessible from anywhere our patients live and work.

If you or your child needs a sports physical, you don’t need an appointment. Just stop by one of the UHealth Jackson Urgent Care clinics in Miami-Dade County. We’ll help keep you safe as you participate in the activities you enjoy. In addition, we also proudly offer physicals for incoming college students as well as concealed carry physicals.