When to Get a Flu Shot

If you’re planning for the upcoming flu season, you may be wondering when to get a flu shot. While it’s possible to get the flu all throughout the year, flu viruses circulate at higher levels during the peak “flu season”, which usually begins in early October and lasts until the end of May.

Most people are advised to get a flu shot as soon as the vaccine is available in their area. It takes about two weeks after vaccination for the body to fully develop the antibodies it needs to protect a person from infection.

Usually, healthcare providers begin offering the vaccine at the beginning of flu season, or at the latest, by mid-October. That said, demand is also highest at this time, so you’ll want to check with your preferred healthcare provider to make sure they are able to provide you with a flu shot whenever you’re able to stop by.

At UHealth Jackson Urgent Care, we make it simple and convenient for patients from Miami, Florida, to get their flu shots whenever it’s most convenient for them. Our caring and compassionate team welcomes patients of all ages, but specifically recommends flu shots for:

·         Pregnant women

·         Children under the age of five (and especially those under the age of two)

·         Adults 65 years of age and older

·         Individuals who live in a nursing home or long-term care facility

To get a flu shou at UHealth Jackson Urgent Care, you don’t need to call ahead or make an appointment – you can just stop by any of our convenient locations whenever you have the time. For more information about our hours and locations, contact us today.