Diagnostic X-ray Imaging Available at UHealth Jackson Urgent Care in Miami, FL 

For fast and accurate X-ray imaging, consider UHealth Jackson Urgent Care in Miami, FL, where we offer state-of-the-art digital X-ray services on a walk-in basis. Unless you’re facing a life-threatening emergency, there’s really no reason to head to an ER, where you’ll likely have to wait hours for a busy staff member to triage a steady stream of patients before finding time for you. As a result, you’ll probably end up with a stress headache – in addition to whatever injury prompted your need for X-ray imaging in the first place – not to mention an expensive medical bill after all is said and done. 

When facing a need for immediate medical attention, many people automatically turn to a hospital emergency room – even for routine X-ray imaging. While it’s true that many ERs are staffed with highly qualified clinicians, hospitals are not the only place where you can find this level of medical expertise. You can feel confident that you’re in good hands With UHealth Jackson Urgent Care. We are: 

  • The result of a collaboration between Jackson Health System and the University of Miami Health System, two of the most respected health care networks in Miami, Florida, and the rest of the nation
  • Staffed with board-certified, UHealth – the University of Miami Health System physicians who were selected for our team based on their extensive experience and compassionate bedside manner
  • Proficient at evaluating and caring for patients who require X-ray imaging and other non-emergency medical services 

Don’t allow a long wait for X-ray imaging to add to the agony of a minor fracture or other non-emergency medical condition. If you’ve been injured and think you might have a broken bone, walk in to a UHealth Jackson Urgent Care center in the Miami, FL, area, and we’ll get you in front of an X-ray machine right away. Right on site, we have access to powerful diagnostic tools that can provide the information we need to diagnose and treat your injury. We offer X-ray imaging services during our regular office hours, which are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and we are open seven days a week.