Each UHealth Jackson Urgent Care Center in Miami-Dade County Provides Treatments for Many Common Illnesses

An urgent care center can be a smart option for addressing illnesses that require prompt medical attention but don’t warrant a visit to an emergency room. Ailments can manifest quickly, and it is often impractical to wait for an appointment with a primary care doctor to address them when they occur. For these reasons, many people are forced to spend their precious time and money in ERs receiving treatments for conditions that are not true emergencies. For people who live, work, and play in Miami-Dade County and need urgent care, Jackson Health System and UHealth – the University of Miami Health System offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative – a countywide network of UHealth Jackson Urgent Care centers.

Unlike the numerous doc-in-a-box* healthcare centers that are popping up all over Miami-Dade County, each UHealth Jackson Urgent Care center emphasizes not only accessibility, but also the exceptional level of care that Jackson Health System and UHealth – the University of Miami Health System are well known for. Every one of our patients is seen by a board-certified, UHealth – the University of Miami Health System physician who has extensive skills and a compassionate demeanor. This is just one way we ensure that each patient has an outstanding experience from both a medical and a personal perspective.

Each UHealth Jackson Urgent Care center offers adult and pediatric urgent care for many common illnesses, including:

When diagnosing many of these illnesses, a physician will often need to order a lab test. Because each of our facilities is equipped with a state-of-the-art, onsite lab, we can obtain fast and accurate test results. Plus, every report is interpreted by an onsite physician and read by a specialized UHealth pathologist. This heightened level of precision allows us to provide our patients with prompt and effective treatments to help them feel better as quickly as possible.

Of course, you should not go to an urgent care center for a true emergency; in life-threatening situations, always call 911 or proceed directly to the nearest ER. But, for those times when you’re feeling under the weather and your primary care physician is unavailable, we encourage you to place your trust in us. With multiple locations throughout Miami-Dade County, we make convenient and cost-effective non-emergency health care available to everyone at a nearby UHealth Jackson Urgent Care center.

*The term “doc-in-a-box” is often used informally to describe a small healthcare clinic located in a drugstore, supermarket, mall, or freestanding building. These facilities, which are typically staffed by nurses or general family practice physicians during set hours, provide basic medical services to patients who walk in with minor health issues.